Friday, October 21, 2016

DIY: Easy Halloween Nail Design

Only a few days left before Halloween and we are having a lot of fun with all the spooky colors available through Guise & Ghouls Glowing Masquerade by SinfulColor Professionals.

These polishes are still on sale at my local Walgreens, so make sure your visit your local store in order to take advantage of this great sale!

For this Halloween, I decided to show my love for this day by creating a few "spooky" nail designs that you can easily create by using very simple tools like nail guides, stickers and "glow in the dark" top coats.

For this Black on Orange style I used the following:

1.  SinfulColors Professional Nail Hardnerer as my base coat;
2. SinfulColors Professional #853 Cloud 9;
3. SinfulColors Professional #103 Black on Black;
4. Kiss "Chevron" Guide lines; and
5. SinfulColors Professional Top Shine Coat

On clean nails apply a coat of SinfulColor Professionals #901 Nail Hardener;

NOTE:  As a general rule, I always use (and recommend) a good base coat in order to protect my nails, specially when using very dark colors.  Lately I've been using SC Nail Hardener and has helped keep my nails long and strong.

Apply two coats of SinfulColor Professionals #853 Cloud 9.  

NOTE: Don't worry so much about the tip since you will be covering it with your second polish.

Allow the first color to dry completely before you apply the Design Guides around the tip of your nail. 

Place the Design Guide firmly onto the nail in the desired position.  

Apply #103 Black on Black polish to the tip of your nails. 

Once your tip color is somewhat dry, gently peel off the design guides to expose your design!

If you have any spooky stickers, gems or any other embellishments you would like to add to your design, this is the time to do it.

Apply your favorite Top Coat to seal the design, let it dry and YOU ARE NOW DONE!!

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