Thursday, October 20, 2016

SALE ALERT: SinfulColors Guise & Ghouls Glowing Masquerade

Hello everyone!!

    I've finally found the time to visit my local Walgreens and the timing was perfect! 

    I found that all the SinfulColor Guise & Ghouls Glowing Masquerade are finally on SALE for $1.99 each!!! 

In this collection you will find:

* Cloak & Swagger
* Play Dead
*Nice Guise
*Deja Boo
*Hazel Moon
*Got a Bat Attitude
*Dead On
*Glow In The Dark Top Coat
*Let's Talk
*Courtney Orage
*Black on Black
Walgreen Exclusive:
*Where Oh Werewolf

I picked the Glow in the Dark for Ms. Bree and she is going to love it!!  Yes, my daughter loves nail polishes as much as I do.  (maybe more than me)

 The Glow In The Dark polish is a top coat and it promises to really get things "glowing".

I picked the above colors for me.  Unfortunately, Courtney Orange was not available but I was able to grab Cloud 9 at the same price.  Cloud 9 seems to be a bit lighter and brighter than Courtney Orange. 

If you have a Walgreens Rewards Card then don't forget to use it, instead of paying $1.99, you will only pay $1.50!!  
Stay tuned because I will be doing my own manicure and I will be using Cloud 9 together with Black on Black topped with a few accent stickers!

Are you planning to join the festivities by dressing up or maybe by getting a "wicked" manicure for the week??  If you decide to take advantage of this great sale, make sure you tell us which colors you picked!! 

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