Monday, August 27, 2012

Let's Get Organized!!

If you are a hair accessory lover like I am, then most likely you are going crazy with all the accessories.  

The accessories were taking over my bedroom and bathroom until my friend had a great idea, she purchased a craft organizer box from Michaels for a very reasonable price.  What I love about the organizer box is that you can make the compartments bigger for those bands or bows/barrettes that are in the bigger side, it's completely clear so you are able to see the contents without having the need to open, and it snaps close easily.

But the more fun I was having with her hair the more accessories I found myself buying, eventually my organizer box was not big enough to hold all the accessories.

Here is where my husband came to my rescue. He had a Stereilite 6 Drawer Cart (with wheels) that he kept in our room for his personal use.  After seeing me struggle with all Ms. Bree's hair accessories, he gave me the cart and said that I could organize the accessories better by using the drawers for different items.

I immediately made this a "family project", my son an daughter got into the idea of organizing all the items by color and sizes and we had  lot of fun in the process.  For me it is always important to share various activities with my children and during this project we also talked about sizes, shapes and colors.

I really love the cart, specially the clear drawers, i can easily see the contents of them.  I also like the fact that it has wheels which allows me to roll the cart to wherever I need it to be.

There are so many different ways that you can organize your hair accessories, here are a few ideas:

* Craft organizer box: which can be found at any crafting store, (i.e. Michaels, Walmart, Target)


* Stackable Cabinet:  These come in different sizes with clear drawers.

* Ice Tray Cubes:  These are really good for small barrettes, bows and bands.

* 2 Tray Classic Tackle Box:  Some stores like Walmart actually have a Disney Princess Tackle Box and it is also very convenient for traveling.

* Hair Accessories Storage Board:  If you are a crafty mommy you can probably make your own at home with things that you probably already have.

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