Monday, January 7, 2013

Back to School & Protective Style

Last week was a very short school week for the kids and I decided to keep Ms Bree's hair banded for two days.

One of our favorite Blogs, Kandy Land Kurls is hosting another great challenge, Kandy Land Kurls 2013 Protective Style Challenge, and we are showing our support by styling Ms. Bree's hair in small box braids and front cornrows in order to protect her delicate hairline.

Don't forget to head over to Kandy Land Kurls and enter their challenge and win amazing products or just to get ideas on how to do protective styles.

Due to Ms. Bree's amount of hair, I had to divide this process in two days, after all she is only three years old and keeping her still for more than 45 minutes is never a good idea.   So, I started by doing the box braids on Saturday and did the cornrows on Sunday.

The Products:

* Creme of Nature Argan Oil Moisturizing Shampoo;
* Bee Mine Deep Conditioner;
* 100% Coconut Oil;
* Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer.

After washing and deep conditioning her hair on Tuesday:

 *  I applied 100% Coconut Oil to the wet hair;
 *  Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer.

Sectioned her hair the way I wanted it and banded the hair for 2 days.

Before doing the box braids: 

* I removed the bands from one section and created a small square;
* I sprayed a tiny bit of water to her roots
* Applied more 100% Coconut Oil
* Followed by Bee Mine Curly Butter.  

I repeated the process until all the back sections were styled in box braids:

I used rubber bands at the ends and used a tiny bit of Eco Styler gel and did finger coils.  

NOTE:  The rubber bands do eventually break and fall off or sometimes I take them off, by the time this happens the braids and the finger coils are completely set and the braids do not unravel.  

The Cornrows:

 * I repeated the same steps by spraying a little bit of water on the roots 
 * Then I applied 100% coconut oil to her scalp and roots.
 * Followed by Bee Mine Curly butter.

After a day or two, I will gather all her box braids into a lose bun in order to protect her ends during the week.

"Protective Styles" are very important during the winter months.  It can help retain length and/or promote hair length by minimizing breakage.  

Protective styling can and is very beneficial for the hair but you must remember to continue to care for the hair properly my making sure the hair is very well  moisturized, look for tension of the scalp and by making sure the ends are protected.

Which protective style is your favorite??  Don't forget to share with us all your pictures and comments.  

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