Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My First Beads...

Beads are fun.... TOO MUCH FUN!  

Ms. Bree's latest hair style is Box Braids accessorized with beads and snaps.  

This was a 2 day process for me, mainly because I didn't want her to sit still for a very long time.  Ms. Bree has a very lively personality!  

I started by washing her hair on Saturday then I "banded" banded her hair so her hair could be stretched out.

On Sunday: I did the regular box braids and used rubber bands at the end.  This process took me about 1 hr.   

On Monday (after school): I replaced all the rubber bands and accessorize on each braid, with beads at the end.  Each braid has 15 beads and a snap at the end.  She chose the heart shape snaps herself so I used those. 

Ms. Bree totally loved the beads in her hair mainly because they make a small noise when she moves her head.  

When I dropped Ms. Bree off at school, her teacher and several mothers gave us so many compliments about the hair, "Bree's hair is always done so beautifully I can't believe you do it all the time".  

This was my first attempt at adding beads to her braids and I have to say that we are very pleased with the results. In all honesty getting compliments from other mothers really busted my confidence.    I can probably say that I obsess over things that people really don't notice.

POSITIVE:  This is another great protective hair style and is very easy to maintain.  

NEGATIVE:  You will probably laugh at this, the only negative side I found is that other kids love to play with her beads too.  

Ms. Bree wouldn't stop showing her beads to other kids and with a lot of little hands touching her hair... now her braids are a bit fuzzy and she lost a few beads because she thought she could undo and redo them herself.   The great mind of a three year old.  

BOTTOM LINE: Ms Bree loved it and she had lots of fun with it.  

NEXT, you will be seeing more "FREE HAIR" styles as I am planning to give her scalp a break.  

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